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Santa Barbara Event Lighting Decor

Getting married on a ranch in the middle of nowhere is not easy. There's no electricity, no lights, no nothing. Lani fixed all that and then some. I may have underbudgeted at the beginning of the planning process for lights, but I realized that he knows what he is doing, and boy did he do an amazing job! The venue was literally a fairy tale once the sun went down. String lights everywhere, uplights on the barn, a chiffon entrance swagging the barn doors, chandeliers above the bar - it was truly magical, and I don't think anybody else could have done it for the price he did. He was extremely helpful in helping me cut down on unnecessary costs and helping me get the most effective bang for my buck. I wish I had pictures to post here, but I have to wait for them :) Everyone talked about how amazing the venue looked and I still can't get over it. One friend it said it looked like we were dancing in a JJ Abrams movie - it was just surreal and amazing. I can't say enough great things about Lani and his team - thank you so much for giving us our fairy tale wedding!

Gainey Vineyard Barn