The Art of Transformation - Tractor shed to elegant reception space

By Spark Creative Events in Santa Barbara Events

In our business, it’s all about transforming a space. You want to highlight the natural surroundings, enhance the client’s favorite aspects while discgusing the less desirable parts. We had the chance to put our skills to the test at a beautiful private ranch in Goleta. We went to the first walk through where they showed us their storage shed which was to be the reception space…. 


As you can see it was full of equipment and left something to be desired. They also walked us around their grounds and showed us their pond…. 

As said before, it’s about highlighting and enhancing. For the shed we thought wall and ceiling drape would lower the high ceiling and soften the space…. 


We also added break up patterns on the ceiling to add texture…. 

We had the chance to highlight the natural beauty of this ranch, up lighting nearly ever tree on the property in light greens and teal tones.  Guests told us the property could be seen from the highway nearly a mile away…


The client had told us on one of our walk throughs that the theme was “A Magical Wedding Weekend Under the Stars”. So in order to incorporate that theme, we added a canopy of string lights outside the barn…