Pinspots - Conventional vs LED and why you need them!

By Spark Creative Events in Santa Barbara Events

Many clients ask us, “what are the benefits of using pinspots?” Pinspots are a simple and easy way to highlight and illuminate centerpieces and other décor details so they aren’t lost in the dark. People don’t realize how much detail is lost amongst everything else that is going on. There are a few types of pinspots. We have the LED pinspot which produce a brighter white light that are good for projecting to farther distances. They are also good to use on crystal décor or disco balls. Our other type of pinspot is the Hallogen pinspot. These have a softer light that open up a bit more and are used for general, shorter distances. They are good to use for softening as well as illuminating the décor pieces.

The room is illuminated by the over head chandeliers and the dancefloor wash. Everything looks very dim and you aren’t able to see anything that is on the tables. As you can see on the right side of the picture we have illuminated the center pieces on the tables using pinspots and you are automatically drawn to the center pieces and are astonished how much of a difference there is. Before you couldn’t even tell that there were centerpieces and after they are brilliantly illuminated and stand out.

This is another example of how much disappears without the use of pinspots. There is beautiful draping and a pattern projection on the floor; however, the stunning sunflower centerpieces get swallowed by darkness.

In these pictures you can see how with the use of pinspots every detail is highlighted and stands out more. The brightness of the orange center pieces in the first picture is so pure and really stands out. And the details of the airplanes in the center of the table in the second photo wouldn’t be seen without the pinspots.

These are just some examples of how beneficial pinspots can be to making your event or wedding special and unique. Here at SPARK Creative Events, we definitely stand behind the pinspot!