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SPARK Creative Events provided the lighting and draping for our daughter's wedding and created an elegant atmosphere despite our budget constraints. He was responsive, creative and very professional. We know he has worked on much larger events with larger budgets, but we felt he was as attentive to our event as he would be to larger ones. Lani brought in elements we never would have considered, that made all the difference. We were truly impressed.

Elings Park

Lani and Spark Creative are professional, creative, and committed to making sure events run seamlessly. They know what to do without being told, are ready with alternatives if necessary, and always go the extra mile. That’s why SPARK is our go-to company for events, no matter the size.

Jen Jones, Direct Relief

I worked in coordination on a Tedx event with Spark Creative Events. The team was always in constant communication whenever I had a question or request. Their team was focused on the task at hand and would be very responsive  whenever a curveball were to arise. Everybody involved was so helpful and friendly. I have coordinated with Lani and his team on a wedding and now a large scale event, and it has shown they are consummate professionals. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to use them for any form of event

Greg Kroes, Mountain View Fims

These guys were amazing; they completely transformed our property to create a high energy yet romantic, beautiful setting for my daughters wedding.  They handled the sound for the ceremony perfectly with multiple microphones and music and worked with the band to be sure their sound was perfect.  They are completely professional, followed through with everything they said they'd do in a timely and on-budget fashion.  I wholeheartedly recommend them for any event.

Mark Scher

I'm not sure if I can give Lani a review that is glowing enough to convey how fantastic he was. We had some last minute changes due to terrible natural disaster/weather issues, and he was so professional and flexible that you would never have known we changed everything at the last minute! I would recommend him to anyone!

Rebecca Loman - Santa Barbara Polo Fields

Hire this vendor for the perfect sound system for your wedding!!! Lani and Natalie made sure we had everything covered... wireless mics, mics on stands, DJ sound system, acoustic guitar plug ins and reverb effects for the musicians....and a great sound engineer for the whole party! We were nervous about a perfect sound system being in place as the bride is a celebrity DJ with many guests in the music industry... SPARK did not disappoint!!!

Firestone Winery

Getting married on a ranch in the middle of nowhere is not easy. There's no electricity, no lights, no nothing. Lani fixed all that and then some. I may have underbudgeted at the beginning of the planning process for lights, but I realized that he knows what he is doing, and boy did he do an amazing job! The venue was literally a fairy tale once the sun went down. String lights everywhere, uplights on the barn, a chiffon entrance swagging the barn doors, chandeliers above the bar - it was truly magical, and I don't think anybody else could have done it for the price he did. He was extremely helpful in helping me cut down on unnecessary costs and helping me get the most effective bang for my buck. I wish I had pictures to post here, but I have to wait for them :) Everyone talked about how amazing the venue looked and I still can't get over it. One friend it said it looked like we were dancing in a JJ Abrams movie - it was just surreal and amazing. I can't say enough great things about Lani and his team - thank you so much for giving us our fairy tale wedding!

Gainey Vineyard Barn

Lani, I can’t thank you enough for the mind blowing job you did. No event has ever gotten more rave reviews. I will never forget it! It was world class.

Lynette La Mere Owner of Pure Joy Catering

Dear Lani, you and your crew were awesome! The way you lit the water tower was beautiful, and the way you tied in the autumn colors was perfect. You had the entire courtyard glowing. It was so romantic and enchanting. And you were right- everyone heard our vows! Our families were so happy that they could hear every word. Thank you to you and your crew Lani for helping to create our fairy tale wedding.

Lena and Omar, Matteis Tavern

Dear Lani and the entire SPARK team, we wanted to thank you for playing a role in creating the wedding of our dreams! You were all a pleasure to work with and we appreciate all your hard work and your patience throughout the wedding planning process. The reception tent looked amazing, especially when the sun went down. Your lighting and décor was the perfect touch to creating the casually elegant, wine country wedding we wanted.

Matthew & Siobhan, Foley Winery

This is the second time that I've worked with SPARK. They organized both of my daughter's weddings. I was happy with their creativity, pricing, sincerity and overall work ethic. Always on time and very organized. I let Lani know what I wanted and he created something amazing! Don't have any other words to put it other than it was OUTSTANDING WORK! I recommend everyone to use SPARK with confidence. I will also mention that he is very flexible with his schedule. I appreciate the work and thank you for everything.

Consulelo Vargas - Kestral Park

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